Lounge Blinds

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Lounge Blinds

Lounge BlindsThe Lounge today takes on more of a contemporary feel than ever before and blinds are now a normality compared to traditional curtains, nets or voiles.

Vertical, Venetian, Roller or Roman blinds are a popular choice to control light and privacy whilst still retaining an airy and open feel to complement the natural lighter tones in modern decor schemes.

Becoming ever more popular are Pleated textile blinds which offer vast colour ranges and sunlight control. Pleated blinds with solar reflective coatings give year round thermal qualities by reflecting heat from the sun back outwards during the hot summer months and folding warm air back into the room during the cooler evenings and cold winter months.

Blinds of all types can be beautifully complimented by dress curtains, fancy pelmets and swags and tails.


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