Pleated Blinds

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Pleated Blinds

As a manufacturer, our Pleated Blinds selections employ Europe’s finest components and fabrics. Our selected textile compilations offer a comprehensive and tasteful range of colour, design and protection properties, the majority having (src), (spc), (asc), (perlex) solar reflective coatings. They maintain variable degrees of light exclusion whilst creating a calm, cosy, decorative addition to any conservatory or room in the home. These high quality Pleated Blinds fabrics are the definitive epitome of Solar and Optical performance.


Control Options Include:

  • Cord Tensioned Friction Tab Control
  • Free Hanging Pull Cord Control
  • Side Winder Beaded Chain Control
  • Remote Controlled Electric Operation.

Manual handle friction tab controlled blinds allow for the blinds to be installed into the window recess close to the glass or across the surface of the conservatory construction. Either option ensures a neat, tidy, clutter free installation and when the blinds are retracted or bunched away, they appear virtually invisible against the conservatory structure. Our Pleated textile blinds system is designed specifically with the modern UK conservatory styles in mind.
All our Pleated blinds are available in combination with the EASi-Fit™ frame system with hand operated lifting tab handle assembly.


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